The California Bountiful Foundation provides research, education and outreach to the general public in order to promote a better understanding of the many benefits our rural landscapes and natural resources provide to California. The California Bountiful Foundation has been involved with the following projects:

Research: Partnered with the Agricultural Energy Consumers Association on a study administered with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to obtain data on the electrical usage of agricultural production and identifying opportunities for effective agricultural energy use.

Education: Developed a Farm-to-School program which was piloted at Chatom Elementary School in Turlock, California, where 86% of students participate in the state’s free/reduced lunch program.  Students engaged with local agriculture by learning about specialty crops and healthy eating, taking a field trip to a local farm, attending school assemblies, participating in monthly taste tests in the classroom, attending a farmers market on the school campus and enjoying the installation of a salad bar into the food service lunch program.

Education: Partnered with the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at UC Davis. The Honey and Pollination Center created tools to educate the public on the nuances of varietal honeys and the various tastes and aromas (star thistle, sage, orange, and others).  This research helps highlight and promote the emerging food trend of varietal honey and contributes to bee health research.

Public Outreach: Purchased air time in urban areas to expand the viewership of the weekly California Bountiful television program. The show introduces viewers to the farmers and chefs involved in growing and preparing healthy specialty crops.  The project reached more than 3.5 million viewers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and Monterey/Salinas.

The California Bountiful Foundation has these upcoming projects in the works:

Research: Formed a coalition with Mendocino County Farm Bureau and the Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation District to enhance the steelhead population in the upper Russian River tributaries. The goal is to restock each creek with approximately 50,000 eggs in consultation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This coalition will also encourage landowners to consider additional conservation efforts to benefit the Steelhead Trout habitat. 

Research: Participating in a 10 year scientific study with UC Davis to investigate whether agricultural management of grasslands and wetland habitats in the Little Lake Valley is beneficial.  This research also involves the implementation of adaptive management of rangeland agricultural practices to maximize livestock production while enhancing wetland habitat.

California Bountiful Foundation serves as a conduit to support producers within our state who provide our food, horticultural and timber products on a sustainable and renewable basis by educating California residents on the importance of our natural resources.  California Bountiful Foundation will utilize its resources to promote a healthy and productive future not only for our farm, ranch and natural resource commodities, but our entire state which depends upon them.