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Whether you represent a community involved in the production of food products, are home to one of the ports that ships California-grown products all over the world, or are one of the 38 million California consumers of the food, fiber or foliage we produce, you have a stake in the future of California farms and ranches.

With more than 400 different commodities produced in California, Farm Bureau is committed to helping consumers understand where their food comes from, the challenges associated with producing a safe, affordable food supply and ensuring consumer confidence in California-grown products.

Benefits Include

  • Farm Bureau Publications
  • Insurance Programs & Services
  • Agricultural Supplies
  • Business Services
  • Health Services
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Travel & Entertainment Discounts
  • Propane Discount
  • Paint Discounts

Protecting Family Farms

  • Competing for the Future
  • Communicating the Value of Farmland
  • Ensuring Farmers Can Grow and Market their Products
  • Connecting Consumers with their Food
  • Providing Resources for Farms and Rural Communities
  • Farm Bureau: Working to Protect Family Farms and Ranches

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